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Primera Consists of Four layers : Non Woven 、Special Modified Coating、 Non Woven 、 Leno. Non Woven acts as base substrate .   1.Highly Breathable2.Highly Water Resistant \ Prevent CondensationCondensation occurs within roof and wall if the warm air inside the building escape through the roof structure and comes into contact with the cold outer surface ( upper deck ). When condensation happens, water droplets form on the upper surface, These water droplets will drip back down into the building coursing damage in roof structure.  Any vapor that does get through the vapor barrier (RB) needs to have a path out of the insulation or building structure, breathable membrane allow this vapor or moisture to pass through. When vapor change to water due to condensation on the ...
The Common Issues During Shipment The Envirotuff Liner (ETL) is a revolutionary products designed to protect moisture and temperature sensitive goods during transportation, this liner work as a moisture and temperature barrier by creating an environment that significantly reduces temperature fluctuates thus preventing heat damage by temperature spike and moisture damage due to condensation. Both these climatic conditions caused products to be exposed to severe extremes, e.g. product separation and packaging damage causing premature aging of goods & reduced shelf life.  The ETL is specially designed &highly customizable for standard ISO shipping 20ft, 40ft & 40ft high cube containers, rail, AV and also individual pallet covers.
PRM85-LE Product PRM85-LE Prime Breathable Membrane CharacteristicNo.TypeTEST RESULTSTEST METHOD1Spec 【m*m】1.50*502 Thickness 【mm】0.3±0.053Weight 【g/m2】85±5ISO536:19954Tensile StrengthMD【N/50mm】320N/50mmGB/T328.9-2007ACD【N/50mm】205N/50mm5ElongationMD【%】29%CD【%】21%6Tear ResistanceMD【N】200NGB/T328.18-2007CD【N】150N7Water Resistance【cm】2mH2O,1h,imperviousGB/T328.10-2007A8Water vapor transmission Rate 【g/m2•day】1000g/m².24hGB/T17146-19979Cold bending—20°C,1h,No crackGB/T328.15-2007
ETL is effective, strong, durable, light weight, easy to install and value for money.
PRM130-LE Product PRM130-LE Prime Breathable Membrane CharacteristicNo.TypeTEST RESULTSTEST METHOD1Spec 【m*m】1.50*502 Thickness【mm】0.5±0.053Weight【g/m2】130±5ISO536:19954Tensile StrengthMD【N/50mm】360N/50mmGB/T328.9-2007ACD【N/50mm】300N/50mm5ElongationMD【%】30%CD【%】29%6Tear ResistanceMD【N】235NGB/T328.18-2007CD【N】220N7Water Resistance【cm】2mH2O,1h,imperviousGB/T328.10-2007A8Water vapor transmission Rate 【g/m2•day】800g/m².24hGB/T17146-19979Cold bending—20°C,1h,No crackGB/T328.15-2007
ETL is a fully woven reflective liner that is hung into a general purpose ISO shipping containers and allows for forklift, hand or slip sheet loading. Once loaded, it is completely sealed providing a closed off temperature controlled environment for the goods inside the container. The effectiveness of ETL preventing heat transfer is by taking care off all major heat transfer factors which contribute more than 96% of the total heat transfer in the structure. To understand how ETL liner works, we must first understand the fundamentals of heat transfer, which contributed by 3 major factors: - 1. Radiation Heat TransferRadiation heat is the heat transfer from warm surface to cooler surface through air space. E.g. sunlight 2. Conduction Heat TransferConduction heat is the heat tr...
PRM145-LE Product   PRM145-LE Prime Breathable Membrane CharacteristicNo.TypeTEST RESULTSTEST METHOD1Spec【m*m】1.45*402 Thickness【mm】0.5±0.053Weight【g/m2】145±5ISO536:19954Tensile StrengthMD【N/50mm】480N/50mmGB/T328.9-2007ACD【N/50mm】350N/50mm5ElongationMD【%】20%CD【%】23%6Tear ResistanceMD【N】125NGB/T328.18-2007CD【N】100N7Water Resistance【cm】2mH2O,1h,imperviousGB/T328.10-2007A8Water vapor transmission Rate 【g/m2•day】800g/m2.24hGB/T17146-19979Cold bending—20°C,1h,No crackGB/T328.15-200710Reflectivity91%ASTM E408
ETL is highly effective against extreme temperature fluctuations and capable of providing maximum protection to almost any temperature & humidity sensitive products and packaging.  Due to ETL's affordability,ease of installation, versatility and strength, it can be used across many industries including wine, foof and beverage, automotive, plastices, chemicals, computing and electronics.
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