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WF302A-GB Product WF302A-GB Envirotuff Radiant BarrierNo.TypeTEST RESULTSTEST METHOD1Spec【m*m】1.25*482 Thickness【mm】0.12±0.023Weight【g/m2】180±10ISO536:19954Tensile StrengthMD【N/50mm】>560GB/T328.9-2007ACD【N/50mm】>3005ElongationMD【%】>15CD【%】>106Tear ResistanceMD【N】>273GB/T328.18-2007CD【N】>2707Water Resistance【cm】2mH2O,2h,imperviousGB/T328.10-2007A8Water vapor transmission Rate 【g/m2•day】GB/T1037-1988B9Cold bending—40°C,2h,No crackGB/T328.15-200710Reflectivity≥96ASTM E408
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Enviro-tuff Vapour Radiant Membrane use Three layer structure hot press process, both sides are high quality non-woven material, the middle is waterproof and vapor materials, win the British authorities BBA certification 1.High strengthEnviro-tuff Vapour Radiant Membrane Significantly in Tensile Strength, Tear Resistance Elongation2.High Vapour RadiantSteam-proof3.Excellent Water and Moisture ResistanceBBA test, Using USATC MOAT69 test display, Without any leakage4.UV StablizeBBA Certificated, UVA50℃,After 14 days post irradiation,again (70+2)℃90d,Still meet the requirements
ET 140 Product ET140 Enviro-tuff Vapour Radiant MembraneNo.TypeTEST RESULTSTEST METHOD1Spec 【m*m】1.50*502 Thickness 【mm】0.5±0.053Weight 【g/m2】140±5ISO536:19954Tensile StrengthMD【N/50mm】275N/50mmGB/T328.9-2007ACD【N/50mm】200N/50mm5ElongationMD【%】60%CD【%】70%6Tear ResistanceMD【N】155NGB/T328.18-2007CD【N】155N7Water Resistance【cm】2mH2O,2h,imperviousGB/T328.10-2007A8Water vapor transmission Rate 【g/m2•day】GB/T1037-1988B9Cold bending—40°C,2h,No crackGB/T328.15-2007
Wine Test the product: winePeriod: From 18 May 2005 to 28 June 2005Journey: From South Africa to USA Three data loggers were placed in the different positions in the container  Position of Data A Loggers in the container1.This logger was placed outside the Envirotuff liner and stuck onto the inside of the roof. 2.The temperatures experienced are almost unbelievable, with the max. temp of 73.1 degrees celcius on 21 June 2005. See next slide. 3.The daily spikes in temperature is the major problem for wine, with variances of up to 50 degrees in a 12 hour period were experienced. 4.The outside temperature was obviously not as high, but the container walls and roof heat up so much that inside the container, temperatures increase dramatically   P...
Cocoa Bean  Company:Olam International LtdProduct : Cocoa BeanPeriod : 12 July 05 - 29 August 05Shipment : Nigeria to MalaysiaProblem : Moisture Sensitive Mouldy  Placement of Data Logger Container without ETL LinerPlacement of Data Logger Container with ETL Liner
Can / Jelly  Company:China Holdings International Commerce,Ltd.Period: 17 Jan, 2008 - 20 Feb, 2008Product: Canned FoodShipment: From Shanghai to lllinoisTest Content: 20' Container with 2 data logger: Data Logger 1 - Outside ETL; Data Logger 2 - Inside ETL.   Temperature Recorded from Shanghai Port to Rochell:Inside ETL: The Highest Temp. is 8.8℃, the Lowest Temp. is 1.6℃, the temperature is 7.2℃;Outside ETL: The Highest Temp. is 15.4℃, the Lowest Temp. is -13.3℃, the temperature is 28.7℃; As the container has the heat preservation function, the outside temperature of container was about-22℃.The product has been good protected in the low temperature environment. FINDINGS:The results shows that ETL is good for temperature stability, and the product has bee...
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